The Problem Isn’t Ethanol, It’s BOB


By Dean Billing of GA News

The aviation alphabets and pilots need to understand something about ethanol-blended gasoline and blending laws:  Although ethanol will be blended into every drop of gasoline by the end of 2011 or early 2012, that’s not the problem! That is the unintended consequence of a deeply flawed federal Renewable Fuel Standard mandated deep inside a huge act called EISA 2007.  There is a table in the RFS section that is driving the ethanol blending madness and it is cast in stone.

What is ironic is that renewable fuel is defined in the act as E85. E10 is never mentioned and EISA 2007 is not a mandatory E10 law.  There is no federal mandatory E10 law.  There are only seven state mandatory E10 laws and, of those, only four are currently active: Minnesota, Hawaii, Missouri and Oregon. Washington has a wimpy mandatory volumetric ethanol law of 2%, which they have tried to repeal because it means nothing now in light of the run-amok federal RFS act.  The fifth mandatory E10 law will be in Florida and it will become effective on the last day of this year. Congratulations to my friends in Florida: You get a useless law. Montana and Pennsylvania have untriggered mandatory E10 laws and Louisiana has an untriggered volumetric ethanol law. These laws will probably never trigger.

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