The Greenness of Electric Aircraft


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OK, so there is no doubt that electric aircraft are way cool. But a lot of people make big claims about how ‘green’ an electric vehicle can be. I suppose that is true if you just look at the electrons poured into your batteries vs. the gasoline the fossil-fuel burner pours into his fuel tank. However, those electrons have to come from somewhere! If you look at the full supply line, you will probably find that those electrons are harvested at some kind of power plant and transmitted over cables before they make it to your vehicle. Power plants are typically coal-fired or nuclear, which is not what most people would consider ‘green.’ And while there is an efficiency built into larger engines that isn’t typically possible in smaller engines, that is offset by the inefficiencies of the power grid used to get the power to your outlet.

So, how green are electric vehicles? The article below may surprise you.

But electric aircraft are still cool!

Why Electric Cars Are More Polluting than Gas Guzzlers — at Least in China